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What to ask your Web Designer

Posted on June 26, 2012 ยท Posted in BLOG

I have been helping a lot of clients lately who have paid other companies to build web sites for them. Some of the sites looked nice others never got a working web site up and running. Before you hire a web design company be sure to ask them these questions.

1) Do you have samples of other clients web sites
2) Do you also do the SEO work for the web site
3) Is the site easily updated by you or does the web designer have to do it
4) What are the ongoing fees if any
5) Do you own the web site, so if you decide to move on your web site goes with you
6) Do you have any records of clients ranking in the top search engine spots and what keywords they ranked for

Many people think that a good looking web site is all they need. This is the biggest mistake make all the time. Everyone pays thousands of dollars for a nice web site and get no SEO work done. Without the proper SEO work on and off a web site you will never really get the customers to your web site. If you want to dominate the search engines make sure your web designer has proof that he knows what he is doing with your onsite SEO and your offsite SEO.

Even if you don’t hire Syndram Designs to do your web design, seo service, or social media marketing if you have questions about the web designer you hired please contact Me. I will help you ask them the right question so you will be sure to get the right web site with the proper seo service.

If you do hire us I will help you DOMINATE the search engines for the niche your business or web site is in. I have clients that will verify how well they rank with the search engines.