Syndram Designs Highly Recommends SEO Link Robot

Posted on February 10, 2012 · Posted in BLOG

About SEO Link Robot

As a SEnuke user I was skeptical to give this software a go. But I can tell you since I did I have not turned back. My short review is I love this product and highly recommend it. If you know me you know I only advertise products I actually use myself so you know when I highly recommend something I am serious.


We all know, gaining back links to your website or blog can be a long boring tedious mind numbing chore that literally takes hours. I have seo-link-robot-free-trialtried many different tools all of which had a high monthly cost and felt like you needed a degree just to set them up. I know with the services I offer and the customers I deal with that many of them don’t have the time to learn a new tool that is complicated. Most of my customers are looking for those programs that are a button push and go setup.

Stephen Hawkins has released the software that has made my life easier. Backlink building can’t get any easier then this…unless you pay someone to do it for you like us. SEO Link Robot has everything you will ever need to building links.

The software works great, very simple to use and covers everything that I and quite frankly most marketers wish to cover with back linking to their site all automated.

SEO Link Robot software system includes:

Account Creator – really easy to use and has De-Captcher option. SEO Link Robot gives a few options here. Use your own email setup and choose to have a random account with name, username, pw and even date of birth created for you in female or male option.

Social Bookmarking – Automatically social bookmark to 14 strong sites, you can bookmark all or do random option.

RSS Directories – 22 RSS sites which is pretty good.

23 Web 2.0 Sites- as of latest update

Web 2.0 Linker (for mini site net setups of 5 Web 2.0 Sites)

Articles and Article Spinning – you can also choose to pull articles to use from directories in a simple fashion or use your own. Simple spin option is included or adds your fully spun articles if you use The Best Spinner which I do and is also one of the other highly recommended softwares by me!

Email Verification – fairly obvious, but will automatically verify your account creation links within emails received.

Site Pinging – again obvious, does your pinging at a push of a button.

Meta Index button where you can instantly get your site indexed and

Link Viewer – view a log of your link vine setup. Nice handy feature.

The PDF files also offer guidelines on how to setup and work your mini net of sites, how to ensure your accounts do not get deleted plus of course how to set your hard working Robot up correctly. Just a tip, make sure you do read the install guide first.

For anyone wanting an easy to use automation software program SEO Link Robot is the software we recommend.

Seo Link Robot Trial Version

They do offer a trial version to for you to check out. But I promise once you check it out you will love it.

NOTE: I have had many people email me and ask if I recommend the lite version or the full version. Well the 3 extra things you get with the full version are processes I have used for a long time to get my sites to the number one spot in google. The Web 2.0 network linker, Press Release ( works great), and then also 30 extra social bookmarking sites. These items well make up the price difference between the full and lite version.

So check out the Trial version of SEO Link Robot and get your wallet ready because once you try it you are going to love it.