Other methods for getting into EPN

Posted on June 1, 2011 ยท Posted in BLOG

Using EPN -eBay Partner Network on your web sites

Are you like many others that are frustrated with the hassle EPN puts you through just to become a member? Would you like to get paid for having EPN on your site but not have to deal with them? How about making money with EPN but never having the fear of getting expired? Well I have the answer for you. Skimlinks!

What is Skimlinks?

Skimlinks is a clever technology that helps you easily monetize online content by converting normal product links from thousands of retailers into their equivalent affiliate links so you can earn a commission effortlessly every time a purchase is made.

What’s the advantage of signing up to Skimlinks?

Of course you could spend time and money creating, tracking and maintaining your own affiliate links and signing up to thousands of merchant programs, but why not let us do all the hard work for you?

  • Create content and link to merchants as normal and we’ll convert your links into affiliate use skimlinks to promote affiliate linkslinks on-the-fly so there is no effect on the users’ experience.
  • With one sign-up to Skimlinks, you get access to 8,000 merchants’ affiliate programmes
  • Use our comprehensive reporting suite to keep track of exactly which merchants your users like
  • First-class account management
  • Free access to our powerful publisher tools, for example, our URL Shortener
  • Publisher newsletters and affiliate marketing resources


What is SkimWords? SkimWords is the perfect solution for content-rich publishers who want to monetize their site in a seamless and intelligent way.

This new product from Skimlinks recognizes product references in editorial and user-generated content, and automatically turns these into shopping links that can earn you money. SkimWords is available to all Skimlinks publishers. Register today and add our code to your site to use both our Skimlinks and SkimWords products.


So to sum it all up. No matter if it is EPN you are tired of dealing with or any other merchant, Skimlinks is a great insurance policy to either help you use a affiliate program you can’t get accepted for, or an insurance policy to use in case you get expired from your current program. It’s free to sign up and easy to use so check out Skimlinks and get your free insurance policy today.