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Local Affiliate Marketing Class.

Hello everyone, Rich here.

I have been getting many request to help teach people how to make money online and to help teach them how to use affiliate marketing. So I have finally decided to help the people in my area out. So if you live around the Fort Wayne and New Haven area and want to learn how you can make money at home now is the time. Below I will describe everything I will teach you and help you achieve.work at home class

Class Package Includes:

  • Class will be 4 nights (probably 2 hours per night, may run longer)
  • Night (1) You will learn what affiliate marketing is and how you can make a nice living at home with it. A lot of details to cover here.
  • Night (2) We will learn about finding the right type of niche to build a web site on and how to find the right Domain name and Keywords for the web site.
  • Night (3) We will do a crash course on WordPress and start to set up your web sites.
  • Night (4) We will continue working on your web sites and learn more about setting them up the right way to make money with.

These scheduled teachings are flexible because everyone learns at a different pace. If we can get through a lot of the training in day 1 we will and this will give us more time on web design and web site set up.


I want everyone to know, IF you NEVER did anything with a web site before you can still do this! There is no Special code to learn, I have taught 8 yr old kids all the way to 80 year olds how to use wordpress.

What else do you get with this Class?

  • You will get Videos showing you how to use wordpress plus some other bonus videos.
  • You will get a web site set up with wordpress on my hosting Free( a $500 value in itself). All you buy is your Domain name (I explain how to do this a domain cost between $3 and $12 a year)
  • You will get access to an online Group I set up to help people in affiliate marketing. Here if you have questions even after all the classes are over I will help you.
  • I will build you a custom header or logo for your new web site.
  • You will also learn how you can easily build your own headers.
  • You will learn My exact method to setting up a web page for success.
  • You will learn my methods for outsourcing work you don’t want to do.
  • You will also learn how you can easily make $100 a day online with a few different methods we use off and on

I’m sure there will be a lot more I throw at you as I am a very generous person and like to help everyone succeed!

So now everyone wants to know what I will be charging for this service. I have ran many numbers through my head as I have coached online at the fee of $50/hr. I have coached a few people for a year for $1000 a month. I have also coached people for 50% of their profit from their websites which turned out to be my best investment. But for this class I am going to stay at a very reasonable price of $220!

So for the $220 you will get everything mentioned above plus my ongoing help on the online group PLUS the FREE website! I sell my prebuilt affiliate websites for prices between $300 to $1500. Plus if you were to buy your own hosting it would run you a minimum of $120 a year for a good hosting company.

These classes are starting out with only 5 people per class. So don’t wait to long to grab a spot. Once I get the 5 sign ups I will contact you all and set a start date. Classes will be held in the evening on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. I’m keeping it flexible so I can set it up to suit your needs.


I want to make sure everyone knows, Affiliate marketing does take some work! The more you put into it the more MONEY you will make. But if you think you can build a web site and forget it and rake in a ton of money you are 100% wrong! I will teach you the right way to be successful but it is still up to you to do the work and succeed. I offer no guarantee how much money you will make as I have no idea how much effort you will put into it. So if you are looking for a "GET RICH QUICK" scheme please don't purchase this class. If you are ready to work for a nice payday then hit the buy button.

Local Affiliate Marketing Class
Local Affiliate Marketing Class

Local Affiliate Marketing Class taught by Rich Syndram of Syndram Designs. Learn how to make money at home like the pro’s!

Price: $500.00
Price: $220.00