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It’s back – Bulk affiliate web site builds

Posted on March 6, 2012 ยท Posted in Affiliate Web site Builds

Discount affiliate web site builds

Highly requested so our BULK Discount is back!!!!!

Many of us don’t have time to work on our affiliate web site builds. But why fall behind? Hire Syndram Designs to put up your affiliate web sites for you. We include quality unique content plus we monetize the site for you.

Well many of our employees are on college break and looking for some work.bulk affiliate web site builds So my extra help means your big discount on web site builds.

Syndram designs is offering a bulk discount through March and when you order 5 web sites y0u will get them at $175 per web site. These are the same web sites we sell on a regular basis for $350 to $1500. These sites are built on the wordpress platform.

What each build includes:

  1. All the basic pages, contact, T&C, and Privacy policy, sitemap
  2. 10 pages of unique content including images
  3. Add plugins that will help your site grow and dominate
  4. Optimize the site for the search engines
  5. Customize the look of the site, including a custom logo/header.
  6. Set up 20 pages monetized with your affiliate products. (EPN, Amazon, CJ, Skimlinks, your choice)

What you will have to supply:

  1. Domain
  2. Optional: specific keywords if you have ones you want us to target
  3. Hosting: we build the sites on your hosting account. We recommend HostGator. You can get hosting for 1 penny starting out.
  4. Monetized plugins: We usually use phpbay and phpzon to monetize the sites so we will need your license for these plugins if you want ebay or amazon on your sites.