Holiday Special auto blogging adsense affiliate sites

Posted on November 15, 2012 · Posted in Affiliate Web site Builds

google-adsense-websiteWe understand that Holiday Season makes the wallet tight. All those presents for the family and friends. Well here at Syndram designs we are going to give you a present that you may just love… I know a few customers have learned to love it already.

Auto Blogging Adsense Web site setup:

What is an auto blogging Adsense site?

This web site will be set up to pull top articles from around the internet to your site. Most RSS feeds when you try to pull them will only give you a excerpt of the post. Well with our custom built script it will pull the full article. We also only pull articles that include photos with them. With this auto blogging method your site stays active and keeps the search engines happy.


Here is what is included in one of these builds.

* RSS feed posting setup ~ This will auto post latest content to your web site on a daily basis.

* Adsense banner ads set up in sidebar

*adsense ads set up in footer

*adsense ads set up on content pages

*adsense set up in search results

* all required pages (contact, privacy, disclosure, sitemap)

* key plugins to help your site rank well and people to share your site

* custom header

* Custom theme

*all onsite seo done on the web site

* a Facebook fanpage created for the site. You don’t even need to have a facebook account unless you want admin rights to the facebook page.

You will need to supply Domain Name and Hosting for the website.

We can Purchase domain name for an additional $12/year (contact us before purchase)

We can also host the website for an additional $5/month (contact us before purchase)