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Posted on July 24, 2012 · Posted in BLOG, Our Services


make money blogging

Have you ever wanted your own blog so you can do a daily write up or just write articles about a subject or hobby you love? How about making money with that blog while you share your knowledge of your favorite hobby?  

Well today is your lucky day and let me tell you why right after a few facts about making money with your own private blog.


Many people like the idea of building a blog and sharing their knowledge online with others but many of these people get overwhelmed with all the offers and options out there.

What blog service do I use? How do I buy a domain and hosting account? How do I add a blog to my hosting account? What about customer service, will the company be there to help me when I need it?

Those questions are just the ones many people have to face to get the blog online and active; it has nothing to do with monetizing the blog or getting it set up properly for the search engines.


So how much money can you make running a blog?

blog for money

This is always the big question asked by anyone just getting into online marketing and blogging. This is also a question that can’t really be answered with a specific amount of money. The best way to say how much you could earn would be to say the more writing you do on your blog the more money you will make. I have had blogs that made thousands of dollars a month and I have had others that made a couple dollars a month. Those that just made a few dollars are blogs that I got bored with and did nothing with.

We have had many clients that started blogs to help bring in a little extra money to help with their retirement check, others start blogs to help earn money while in college, families run blogs to save money for vacation or to help pay off bills. The amount you make a month is up to you. The one thing you must know is that no one gets rich or makes money without putting a little effort into it.


We have also helped many clients build a blog empire and many of them are doing it full time and have walked away from their full time jobs!

How would you like to run your own business from home, be able to come and go when you want, answer to no one, and all by just running blogs that are properly monetized to make you money.


So is your interest peaked?

Let’s get down to the offer we are going to give you to help get you started with your online money making blog.


Here is what you will get when you order a money blog from SYNDRAM DESIGNS.

  • A unique domain name that you will own
  • A blog built according to your hobby or we can suggest one
  • 5 articles added to the blog to get you started
  • The blog monetized for Search engines
  • The blog monetized with affiliate products of your choice
  • Video tutorials showing you how to add new articles to your post
  • A Guide that shows you how to monetize new articles you add
  • A Guide explaining how to get more visitors to your web site
  • We host the blog for you for a full year for FREE
  • We keep the blog backend updated and safe from hackers
  • Help signing up for affiliate programs to use on your blog
  • Ongoing customer service. Once you are a client of Syndram Designs we will always be around to answer your emails and help you in any way that we can to help you succeed. If you succeed we succeed, if you fail we fail, and we hate to fail!

Every Dime you make from your blog you keep. We actually won’t even know what kind of money you make unless you tell us.


Sample Site:

make money blogging

Remember this is just a sample your actual web design may not look like this.

The blue arrows show how the articles will display on your web site. You can also include special links in those articles that lead to offers that will make you money. (You will learn about this in the guide) The yellow arrows show you how you can display ads. And when people click on these ads you can make money.

The Process:

Once you decide to move forward with a money making blog the steps below show our process to get the site up and running for you.

  1. Brainstorming: We talk with you about your favorite hobby or we help you decide on a hobby that will make you money.
  2. Once we have a hobby we will research and find you the perfect domain and get your approval. The domain we will purchase will be a new domain that is either a .com/.org/.net
  3. We will order the articles to go with your new site and start the build. This takes around 5 days for the writers to finish up the writing.
  4. We will discuss your options to monetize your site with ads and what program you may want to use. We will then monetize the site for you.
  5. Once the site is complete we will send you the log in details to the site along with the video tutorials and guides to help you start making money with your blog.


How much is it going to cost you?

Many affiliate marketers will think I’m crazy for giving sites away for this price because these sites I normally sell for $300 and higher and I don’t give them all the extra video tutorials or guides.

So you get everything listed above for a small fee of $120!

Remember you get this web site hosted by me for the first year of its life. Once the year is up you will have the choice to move the web site to your own hosting account or pay a small fee to keep it hosted on our account.

No porn or adult sites are allowed. Anyone breaking these rules and adding any links or ads going to these types of sites will have their web site deleted and forfeit their right to the year of hosting with no money refunded.

Blogging Web Site

Get a money making blog and a year of free hosting.

Price: $120.00