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Fort Wayne Mobile App.

Get your Business in the Fort Wayne Mobile App

Syndram Designs has created a mobile App for the Fort Wayne area. If you are a business and would like to be listed in this mobile app there is a one time fee of $50( This is an intro offer as the listing fee will be going up to $150 so get in before the price goes up). This fee will keep your Fort Wayne Mobile Appbusiness listed in this app forever.

Why Should we list our business in this mobile APP?
Mobile Apps are the wave of the future when it comes to getting the word out for your business. 50% of the world are now using their mobile phone to surf the internet over a laptop or computer. Most of us always have our Mobile Phone on us so when we need something we are just reaching for our mobile phone and searching for a business to help with our current need.

The Fort Wayne Mobile App is for current residents and visitors to Fort Wayne. We will be posting upcoming events in the event tab. As a business if you have an event you can email us and we add this event to the schedule for you. It will be easy for APP users to open up the mobile app and see what restaurants are near them to eat at. Or for new visitors to find the closest Hotel to stay at. So many options for the Fort Wayne mobile app user, but it will make life easy for them to find any local business for any of their needs..

What do we get when we list our business in the Fort Wayne Mobile app?

1)  Your business gets a lifetime listing in the app

2) You can include a coupon as long as it doesn’t have an expiration date. If you want to change coupons monthly their is a fee charged to edit your listing.

3) You can email us if you have a special event coming up and we can get it listed in the events tab and then we send a push notification to all Fort Wayne Mobile App users so they will know about your event. (This is huge for a business, you can send out notifications on Facebook and other social media accounts but not all of your followers are Social Media users on a daily basis, You send out a push notification to your mobile app users and you will get the message out to the full list of App users)

4) The Fort Wayne Mobile App has a Share Pic option for the users. So if they are in your business and having a great time they can take a shot and share it with rest of the app users. These photos are approved by us manually so no bad images that can hurt your business will be approved.

5) We have a Friend wall so customers can always post about their experience at a business. This is also regulated by us and we will make sure nothing that is damaging to your business will ever be approved.

6) You will be added to our GPS “AROUND US” Tab. With this Tab when a Fort Wayne Mobile App user opens this Tab it will show the businesses that are in their location.

If you are interested in getting your Business listed in the Fort Wayne Mobile App just fill out the form below. If you have more questions please feel free to contact us using our contact form here. Contact Us

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