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Customer Feedback.

I've know Rich several years now. I fact he made logos AND was
invaluable in technical support on my BANS sites and now with
Wordpress. He has always delivered on time and at very reasonable
prices. I have given him the keys to my kingdom many time and never
regretted it. If you value honesty and integrity as well as expertise
in your Internet endeavors, he's your man!



“Got to say. Just purchased a banner. Looks great. Rich is highly competent at what he does. Two thumbs up. The price was right. He has found a fan in me. Very professional. Wanted a banner, pm him. Quick responce. Made me what I wanted. Very easy to work with. I will use him again and again.” – DU


“Just purchased a banner from Rich. He did it within hours and it looks great. I recommend him and I am going to purchase another for a non-Bans site.” – Hardymon


“I ordered 2 banners last weekend and just wanted to say that I’m completely satisfied!
Thanks again!” kloeschen


Just purchased another banner from Rich. As usual he did a great job. Asked him for certain colors and products that I wanted, and he matched them perfect. Again I recommend him highly. As soon as ordered he delivered. Thanks again. Rich” – DU


“I was very impressed and satisfied with the price, speed of completion, and quality of banner Rich made for me. I highly recommend and will be back for more.
Keep up the good work!!” -Alan


“ordered 2 banners and favicons. very satisfied with them and would gladly recommend this service. Will def use them again. Great Work! Thanks.” crazyjoe_39345


just a note to let e/body know.. Synbad82 does GREAT work! Very pleased with the banner i got!!
thanks!” JakeCpuNut


Rich does GREAT work! He worked on three of my sites and I have seen an immediate impact on performance and revenue. I will be back later this month so he can work on my other Niche Stores! cbrittin


Rich just does great work! I used him, yet again, for a logo/banner and am very please and excited about it…If you are considering it, have no fear! It is money well spent! I just love my favicon too!”DarsNet


I ordered a logo from Synbad and am absolutely delighted with it!! I want to highly recommend this service!” victoriaraw


Rich’s logos are awesome. He has created several logos for me and I have been very happy with his product and customer service. I absolutely recommend his service! Now, I am going to have to go build a couple more sites so I can take advantage of this great deal!” DarsNet


I labored months on my first store and then totally messed it up.  I have let it just sit because it looked so ugly. I decided to work on it again and bit the bullet and ordered a “real” banner from Rich.  It’s not that I am cheap but most times there is just nothing extra left over to buy the help I need for pretty graphics.

You should see what a pro can do. Rich made me a beautiful banner, followed my suggestions, added his own artistic touches, added an extra early Christmas gift, sent clear instructions and did it all in two days.

This “old, ugly” store looks very professional. If you need a banner, this is your “go to” guy.
Thanks Rich. I just had to thank you publicly.” – Sissy


“On a Wed. I inquired with Rich asking if he could make up 2 logos for me and within 2 hrs. he replied back saying ‘no problem’ and he’d have something for my opinion by the next days evening. Sure enough by the next afternoon he sent me a message with a sample logo, which was very close to what I’d asked for, but lacking in “pop”. He agreed with my opinion of the logo and asked if he could put his own spin on it. What he came back with was perfect, simple, to the point and memorable, just what I wanted! The second logo was completed in one try and it to is exactly what the site needed!
If your looking for a logo for your site and want someone with talent and who is very prompt, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rich and will definately ask him again for assistance.” – Aero


“If you are new to website design, marketing, or struggling, I would like to encourage you to save up a couple hundred bucks and hire this team to build just one website for you. I know there are several individuals who do this work, but I am honored to work with these gents and do very highly recommend their work.

I am one who loves this work myself and do very well at it, but a recent diagnosis has shut me down to only four hours a day on the computer. Not being a quitter, I decided to outsource the largest percentage of my work, and can without any reservation say to you that your money will be well spent hiring this design team to build you a complete website for a couple of reasons.

One: Rich will walk right down the ‘what do you want’, road until your site is exactly what you envisioned it to be, but, and this is a big but, he also sees to it that there is no rock unturned to be sure the site will rise to the top. The mods and SEO are outstanding, and exactly what you want to make a straight Bans store very powerful.

Two: He may hand the site over to you, but guess what, he also remains available to be sure you do what you need to do with the mods etc., to make your site grow properly. He has a paid service of mentoring, and if you are not sure how to proceed beyond the initial instructions, I should not hesitate in hiring him for that too.

If by chance you have been at this awhile and do not feel you are achieving success with Bans, you may benefit greatly owning just 1 site from this team and having them help you get it making money. I think that it will teach you a great deal and give you the knowledge to go back and correct the sites you already have so they rise to bigger, better and more productive sites. My guess is that they would even work with what you have and help make it productive.

Well, guess this was a commercial and a half! It is very unlike me to promote any one individual over another, but this team does deserve a round of acknowledgment for their excellent work. As you can tell by now, I am very pleased with my order, and have more on their desk. That pretty much says it all!” – Kit